Eritrea, repressive African dictatorship, using Toronto consulate to bankroll military: UN report

National Post | News

TORONTO — One of Africa’s most repressive dictatorships, Eritrea, has been collecting money to bankroll its military through its consulate in Toronto, according to a United Nations report obtained by the National Post.

The report said the fundraising scheme “arguably” violated a UN arms embargo on Eritrea and that government agents had also held a fundraising event in Calgary this year, falsely claiming the money was for orphans.

A small enclave between Ethiopia, Sudan and Djibouti, Eritrea is one of the world’s least developed countries — and yet it has a military that wars with its neighbors and has trained and armed scores of African rebel groups.


According to a leaked copy of the UN report, which was expected to be released this week, at least some of Eritrea’s military financing comes from its consulate in Toronto, which levies a dubious 2% income tax on members of the…

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