The United Nations’ uneasy peace

National Post | News

The increasingly deadly situation in Syria once again presents the world with a perplexing global disconnect. While images of alleged atrocities in the revolt are downloaded to the Internet from smartphones, and satellites beam high-resolution pictures of smoke from explosive street battles, the modernity of the world’s response is scuttled by the old conundrum of global paralysis. As the United Nations Security Council failed to pass a resolution of non-military sanctions against Syria on Thursday, Washington declared the council had “failed utterly.” It suggests Syria, instead of being added to the short list of successful interventions to protect civilians — alongside Libya — will be remembered alongside such failed crises as Rwanda, Darfur and Srebrenica.

It is another disconnect within the UN that has brought sharp criticism against the organization.


Recent absurdities of the UN are many — Syria is understood to be running for a spot on the…

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